Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Status Update... Still Breathing... Barely

I would like to apologize for the lack of updates recently. Unfortunately I came down with a very bad bout of peritonitis which resulted in a rush trip to the ER.

While at the ER I was given an IV containing Oxycondone. Let me just say I fully understand why people get addicted to that stuff, after about 5 minutes of the IV drip I had no pain and felt like I was flying.. Unfortunately they wouldn't let me take a few bags home.

The one silver lining for this site is my orders are basically bed rest which has allowed me to watch a shitload of daytime TV... and get angrier and angrier. I have a notepad filled with upcoming blog topics and once I start feeling better.. well let me just say as a promise to you there will be some rants that you'll never forget. I am hoping by the first few days in September we will be rocking and rolling.

Thanks for your continued support of ihatesaturday.com


  1. I'm glad that your health isn't in danger! :)

  2. That is awful! You take care and look forward to hearing from you soon!

  3. D: ack.. pardon my idiotness but is that gongenital or from ambient? have you taken precautions for this to not happen again D:?.. gotta keep up your defences high man!, glad you are ok

  4. Thanks Jessica, it's great you think it funny yet great that I am still breathing

    yep indeed!

  5. http://iyamalcapwn.blogspot.com/ <--my new location.. by choice... of course...

    and also, these promised rants needs to start coming cuz you posted that promise forever ago and it is now almost November.. so yes... Hope you're feeling well though, I just got back from an extended period of rest too. I'm glad to see you're at least coming back to your blog the way you left it!!!

  6. ouch...well u must be better by now! i'll be waiting for updates!

  7. you have a great blog ! thank god your health isn't in danger, followed !! =) +1


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