Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hey Rick Perry, I Got Your Response Right Here

When you have problems beyond your control who ya gonna call?

As I've stated before, I'm really not a fan of religion or arguing religious beliefs on the internet, however this story is just too amazing & sad to ignore.

This past Saturday afternoon, Texas Govenor and possible 2012 Presidential candidate Rick Perry held something called The Response at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Unhappy with the current situation in the United States, Gov. Perry decided to hold The Response where everyone in attendance would....pray for things to get better. I really wish I was making this shit up.

Perry in conjunction with the wonderfully homophobic and possibly racist American Family Association decided that prayer was the best way to tackle the problems facing their country. From the official response website (you can read it all here if you dare)

America is in the midst of a historic crisis. We have been besieged by financial debt, terrorism, and a multitude of natural disasters. The youth of America are in grave peril economically, socially, and, most of all, morally. There are threats emerging within our nation and beyond our borders beyond our power to solve.

Our nation is at a crossroads. More and more Americans are perceiving the critical juncture we find ourselves in – the future of our nation is determined by the courage of its people: first, in recognizing the magnitude of our common trouble; then, by uniting to seize the unique opportunity this moment offers us. Our response can, in part, determine our future and define for our children – and their children – what kind of nation they will govern, serve, and lead.

Again this really fucking happened. There are disputes on how many people were actually in attendance as the organizers boasted that over 30,000 people attended however as of the Friday night prior to the event, only 8,000 had been confirmed for the event. To be honest the number of people that attended is irrelevant, there are three major issues that I find completely offensive.

#1. - Separation of Church and State

The Americans are known for beating their chests about their wonderful constitution, especially when it comes to their guns and their RIGHT TO BARE ARMS! Yet they'll just ignore the separation of church and state and have a possible presidential candidate praying for things to get better. How fucking lovely

#2 - The entire event is discriminatory

When the event was first announced some critics posed the question of, what if you aren't catholic and don't pray to "God"? The event organizers quickly backpedaled and stated that it was a day of prayer and faith and anyone was invited and allowed to come. But let's face it that what just more bullshit PR, anytime the AFA is involved, gays and non-whites better stay the fuck away. Without launching into a tirade, the AFA is the same group that "had nothing against gays but would pray for them to find that homosexuality is a sin". In my opinion there is very little difference between the KKK and AFA.


Ah feel that? It's the lack of personal responsibility that keeps this site thriving, go back and read the purpose of this "response". Because there are problems BEYOND OUR CONTROL. Are you fucking kidding me? You assholes got yourself into this mess with your total disregard of the consequences of your actions as well as your bullshit need for instant gratification. You can't spend money on multiple needless wars, then throw your hands up and be confused that your economy is in the tank. Maybe if you wait long enough Apple will make a fix the economy app!
Instead of taking a look in the mirror and blaming themselves and trying to work on a real solution, these 30,000+ nutjobs asked some grand wizard in the sky to help them. Which is completely mind boggling because, if this grand wizard actually existed, why wouldn't he/she have helped them before things got this bad? Oh right, you're not supposed to use common sense with religion.
Arrogance and Ignorance is a bad combination, especially when you consider there are places in this world where kids don't see their 5th birthday before they die of starvation.

I have only one response for you Rick Perry: Disgusting.


  1. Disgusting? I don't know. It doesn't hurt. I'm not very religious but I like it when people who are get together for a good cause, even if it's highly unlikely to actually do anything. At least when something positive happens they'll allow it, say it was "God" and not question it very much.

    I mean, at least they acknowledge that there's a problem.

  2. I wont go into details regarding all the religious stuff. But if you that people think that praying is the best way to solve all thats happening, something is very wrong with them. It not like they pray and poof everything is going to be alright, shit doesnt work like that.

  3. why disgusting? if people pray, they will AT LEAST calm down, it will not solve all problems, but it's better than go out there into riots ;)

  4. I'm sorry...what? My mind just got blown. How is that ok? And maybe if his objective were to get people to calm down (which I sure it wasn't) he could also suggest that people have a cup of cammomile tea and meditate for a spell. THAT would be more acceptable...what with our constitutional separation of church and state (because isn't that why the pilgrims came here? because they didn't want the government telling them what to believe??)

  5. lol true that. Why can't we send God, Allah and all the other ones to Mars once and for all? Keep 'em out of politics at least.

  6. Diego Sousa: So you think comforting people with an illusion is better than showing them reality?

  7. Nothing but curious pleasures, as from thence Following!

  8. I can't believe we still have elected officials that think praying to a magic sky wizard will help them. You were elected to do things yourself, not pass them off to your imaginary friend.

  9. That's a very controversial... speech? Decision? Happening? I'm lacking words to describe that. Although you should be aware that kind of things ('public praying together with audience, conducted by a politician') happens quite often in conservatist societies or even countries. It's very common in my country. Yes, of course it's all about the equality and tolerance towards other religion. I guess you can't satisfy every human being out there.

  10. I don't think anyone quite appreciates religion anymore with their nutjob workings.


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