Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shame On You Mayor Ford

Earlier this week the Toronto Police announced they would not charge Mayor Rob Ford after Ford admitted to talking on his cell phone while driving. Toronto police stated that Ford would not be charged with distracted driving because "cost to pursue outweighs penalty." What a fantastic precedent to set, get off your ass and enforce the law? nah it's just too time consuming. Let's hit the Tim Hortons for a double-double and a maple dip instead. Jesus christ this fucking city.

The distracted driving law came into effect in this city just over 18 months ago, after numerous time consuming debates during city council meetings. To say the police have been lax in enforcing the law would be extremely generous. The law is basically treated like jaywalking, I can't go a day without seeing someone driving and yapping on their phone while the police do nothing. Hell I've even seen cop cars drive past people on the phone. If the police force has decided to practically ignore the law (there are some instances of them actually bothering to give tickets) that's bad enough, but in this instance there is a much bigger issue.

Rob Ford is the mayor of this city. He should be held to the highest standard possible. Keep in mind this isn't a he said/she said, there are no facts in dispute. Ford has admitted to using his cellphone while driving. If he doesn't have to face the consequences of breaking the law, why should anyone else in the city? If the police do decide to give someone a ticket for distracted driving shouldn't the "guilty" person just ask that Mr. Ford take care of it and rip it up? It's obviously not that big of a deal.

I would hope that if someone decided to confess to a murder they committed that the police wouldn't see the cost outweighing the penalty. And yes, I know that may seem like a rather silly comparison but in reality where do we draw the line? If distracted driving isn't a big deal what about shoplifting or running a red light? The police are supposed to enforce the law not pick and choose due to their own opinion of what's too time consuming or costly.

The city is a mess right now, budgets cuts all over the place resulting in a lot of unhappy people who are seeing services they use on a regular basis cut yet the city magically has 2 million dollars to remove bike lanes on Jarvis street. Add to that the fact you have Rob's brother Councillor Doug Ford making a complete asshole out of himself every time there is a microphone near him and the end result is a lot of people unhappy with the people who are trying to run this city.

This was a huge missed opportunity for Rob Ford to take charge and portray himself as a leader. Instead of being let off the hook it was the chance to step up and take the ticket and acknowledge that the laws are laws for a reason and that he is not above the law. Hell even if he made a charitable donation in the amount the ticket would have been for- if he had done anything rather than brush it off as a non-issue I could get past it. Quite frankly I expect better from people who are in power.

In the last election, I voted for Rob Ford and was a big supporter. However after a few months of him in power, would he still get my vote today? I honestly don't know.


  1. FFS everyone makes mistakes. He is human after all and he is not excent of screwing up. Judge him for how shitty the city is right now, not for this.

  2. Seems to me he should be held accountable and fined like anyone else would be. Why should the mayor get special treatment???

  3. well it's a sad fact athat the big and inportant men never face real consequences =/

  4. The more power you have, the more you can get away with.

  5. The law is not the same for all. : d

  6. I read that the police don't do post-incident investigations with the cellphone reports, but nonetheless I think you're absolutely right. Mayor Ford had an excellent opportunity to be "the man" and step up to the plate on this, and he missed the boat entirely. It would've helped no end, given the current amount of "Fuck you Ford" sentiment we have in this city.

    I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned more, but do you think we're getting to the point of simply too much litigation? The police only have so many resources to enforce the laws - and they're clearly having to now choose which laws to enforce - what's the point of spending all of the money to introduce a bill that's essentially just a dust collector somewhere in the provincial law library?

  7. Politics... I agree he should be treated like anyone else.

  8. Wow, that's horrid. Texting while driving is a serious issue that shouldn't be treated with policies as relaxed as this.

  9. Why not? The police never directly saw him, afaik. I truly despise porky pig the mayor as much as anybody, but it is what it is. Hell, I see at least a dozen people a day yapping on their mobiles whilst driving. Some of these are within eyesight of our "beloved" overpaid police, and they (police) never seem to want to do bugger all in the first place, much less, actual work that you and I pay them for. So I don't think this is an issue of who he is as much as it is an issue of lazy ass cops who don't want to earn their $90k a year salaries. (btw, I am NOT a cop hater. I am a laziness and tax money sucking parasite hater.)

    Like you, I also fell for the Toronto version of hope and change and voted for ol porky, but now I am also doubting that was a good choice. Then again, I don't know how much of the mess in this city is leftover from David Miller.

  10. I can't say I've never done it but now I have a bluetooth deck in my car with a microphone now so talking on the phone is no worse than changing tunes on your stereo (for myself anyways).

  11. I hate it when people talk on the phone while driving. I agree with you that the mayor more like anybody else should set an example on how things should be done. Since he already committed the fault, he should at least pay the fine instead of disregarding it. How can anybody fined take the fine seriously if the mayor doesn't take it seriously?

  12. Apparently people with power outweigh the law, its a shame but this is our world!


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