Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sick Of High Gas Prices? Tough Shit

It seems that latest public outcry is concerning the raising gas prices, it's such an outcry that the Federal Government is going to stop doing whatever it is they do and actually look into it. (full article here)

Here's an idea, instead of bitching and moaning for the Government to step in and regulate the prices, Why don't you people...


But that would be just too fucking simple, wouldn't it? It's 2011, society is all about ME ME ME, people think driving a car is a god-given right rather than a fucking privilege. How could you ever live without your precious little automobile?!?! Giving it up would require SO MUCH FUCKING EFFORT and we can't have that, can we?!?!

People conveniently forget that the gas companies are a business, a very fucking profitable business and like me, they don't give a flying fuck about you. Their sole purpose on this earth isn't to make sure you can fill up your piece of shit car and get to the Drive-Thru at McDonalds. They have every right to charge whatever they see fit for gas, if you don't like it don't fucking pay it asshole.

This is nothing more than supply and demand. It's simple economics that I learned in high school, of course people are idiots so what the fuck can I expect? The higher the demand is for a good, the higher the fucking price is going to be. Why should they charge $0.50/litre if you morons are perfectly willing to pay $1.50+ per litre? Some people may call that greed, but in reality it's just a fucking solid business model. So if you really want something done about these "outrageous" gas prices, stop taking your fucking car and refuse to pay for gas. Use public transit, walk, crawl, I don't give a fuck just stop whining about the price of gas. But of course that will never happen because you're all fucking sheep and you couldn't possibly live without your automobile?!?!?!?!?!? Just know that the higher the gas prices go the more you'll pay and the more I'll be sitting here laughing at you.

Personally I don't drive, for a myriad of reasons. For one I value my life and don't trust you idiots handling a 3,000 pound machine of death. Then of course I enjoy having a shitload of extra disposable income each and every month since I don't have to shell out hundreds of dollars for gas, and lastly but certainly not least is the added bonus of being able to say to anyone that No, I don't drive I actually care about our environment and future generations on this planet. Even if it may not be the 100% truth, it's fun to say with a big shit-eating grin.

To those of you that think the Government is actually going to step in to "regulate" The industry, think about it this way. Every dollar of profit these companies make, they pay taxes on and every tax dollar goes to the Government.. yeah I'm sure it's really in the Government's best interest to lower these prices!! fucking idiots.

It's been a while since I had a solid rant post like this one. There will be many more to come over the next few weeks, so if you don't like it, go pound sand.


  1. i walk if it's not a long distance and ye gas is 2 expencive but what can we do

  2. Lets be real here, people are hypersensitive to changes in gas prices. The difference between $4/gal (lol imperial units) and $2.50/gal equates to all of about $20/week. Thats not a particularly large sum of money.

  3. I can see the argument if somebody actually needs to drive a long distance on a daily basis or something. There are a few occasions where public transportation won't cut it. Otherwise, yep.

  4. if its a short distance, i do walk. if its a time or distance issue, i drive.

  5. I'm 135lbs and I don't own a car... connection?... probably not but you made the argument

  6. If you think Americans have it bad you should see the price of gas here in Ireland

  7. Gas prices will drop here in USA. Re-election coming up for Obama. Watch.

  8. If you can't handle higher gas prices, trade in for a more efficient car, or better yet get a motorcycle.

  9. in Germany they are so bad !

  10. At least summer is coming over there, rite?!

  11. It has always been like this.. =/

  12. No surprise, but lately it's obviously taken that extra step of retardation.

    This is one of the best examples of one of the worst types of human behaviour: Complaining about the price of something but continuing to eat it up and keep paying for it anyway. A great suggestion for those who absolutely feel they have to drive was posted above - get a more efficient car, or a motorcycle.

    People are just too used to their vehicles and it's going to take a lot for people to part. Not to mention the public transit needs a kick in the ass to support the shift, but I have a feeling that'll be something you'll be mentioning in another article at some point :-)

  13. I'll have you know you should probably walk in someone's else's shoes before you start trying to judge them. I HAVE to drive a car I work in a group home facility for mentally handicapped people, and we transport them places ALL the time. The consumers pay for the gas reimbursements at only 31 cents per gallon- they don't have a lot of money either. And if your next idiotic comment is "get another job" HAVE YOU SEEN THE ECONOMY YOU MORON!!!


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