Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Is Killed, Americans Lose Ability To Think Rationally

Barack Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, 2009

Before I begin my rant, there are a few things that I feel I need to state.

I am going to assume, for the purpose of this blog post, that Osama Bin Laden is in fact dead and was killed Sunday May 1st, 2011. Before you ask, yes I've seen all the news reports, parts of the Presidents speech and Americans celebrating like there was no tomorrow. However what I did not see was any proof. Not that I necessarily want to see pictures of a dead Osama but it would be nice to have actual tangible proof, other than just the President telling me so. Normally I would say the Presidents statement would be enough but I remember a few years back another President telling me all about weapons of mass destruction that Iraq had....

I also find the timing of this, being a few days after the release of Obama's birth certificate to be incredibly beneficial to this Administration, as well the burial at sea certainly doesn't do anything to stop the conspiracy theories that will no doubt pop up in the coming days and weeks. But that's not what this site is about, it's about the fact that people are idiots.

So now that we've established that Osama Bin Laden is, in fact, dead. I have one question


Before I get put on the terrorist watch list, I better make it clear I am in no way saddened by the death of Bin Laden, and in all honesty it's probably a benefit for this world that someone so filled with hatred is no longer on this planet-- however the reaction to the news of his death is quite mind boggling.

What people seem to be forgetting is the fact that the War on Terror is not over. The TSA body scanners aren't going anywhere, the numerous restrictions for flying are not being loosened, this was a small "victory" in a large global war. It certainly did not call for people rallying outside the White House chanting USA! USA! Perhaps if they were chanting WHAT TOOK SO LONG that would have been more appropriate. Osama was on the run for almost 10 years, other than crowning him the greatest Hide-and-Seek Champion of all time, I'm not sure what all the flag waving & chest thumping was for.

Puzzled by the reaction to the news, I did what anyone living in 2011 would do- I took to the social networks to see what people thought, after reading a countless number of posts celebrating as if the war was over, I thought I would attempt to respectfully provide a small dose of reality, so I posted
Other than the sweetness of revenge, sadly this really doesn't change anything about the world we live in.

To which I got this gem of a response:

I don't care about revenge. I knew someone who kissed her 3 year old son goodbye and went to work and never came home. That kid is 13 now. Think about what he lost. I care about justice and closure for him and everyone like him.

Justice and Closure. Two buzzwords that the media couldn't wait to infuse into this event. Yes the visual of a 3 year old losing their mother in the attacks is a horrible one and one no one should have to experience. But please explain how the murder of a man in Pakistan gives him anything that resembles closure- His mother isn't coming back, the pain he experiences isn't going to suddenly vanish, and anytime the calendar comes close to September, it will be a constant reminder of what happened, with a tragedy like the 9/11 attacks, there will never be true closure.

Justice is a funny one, the Americans love their legal system, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY they proudly claim anytime one of their celebrities gets arrested for something.. funny I don't remember Osama getting a trial, I'm in no way saying he isn't responsible, but what I am saying is it's amazing how easily and quickly we'll bend the rules when it suits our own objective. It certainly sets a very dangerous precedent for our children and our future.

In the end, almost 10 years later, the US finally got their man. Personally I don't believe in wildly celebrating the death of another human being- but some people can, and that's their prerogative. But if you are, at least acknowledge it for what it is, don't pretend that all is forgotten, everyone can move on with their lives, and the victims of 9/11 have their closure or justice, that was and always was about vengeance and revenge.


  1. elections are comming up, so my guess is that's why

  2. the one part that I disagree with is " Justice is a funny one, the Americans love their legal system, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY they proudly claim anytime..."

    i understand what you mean, but probably when they stormed into his room, i would think ppl would of started to attack the guys trying to "capture" bin laden in the first place.

    Them or me? I'd pick me of course.


  3. Would releasing his long-form birth certificate help you to believe he's dead?

  4. Hi Doktor, thanks for stopping by http://www.ihatesaturday.com.

    Reading Comprehension can take you far in life, you may want to take some time and improve yours.

    All the best,


  5. That 13 year old will think there's closure and justice and all that, but in the long run, you're right. It doesn't change anything. People are celebrating because they have been trained to do so. I'm not saddened by his death, but you don't see me calling up my affected family and saying 'Hey did you hear the great news? Congratulations!'. It's idiotic.

    Kudos on the Doktor comment btw.

  6. Nicely put - and yeah it's a little odd that there's no immediate imagery or anything else supporting the event.

    What I'm more concerned with is indeed the regaling and cheering that seems to be going on. The guy was 54 years old, I believe he was suffering from renal failure, or at least required dialysis (don't have a backup link, but I'm quite sure it's something I heard from news). He wasn't very significant, he was just a poster boy at this point really. Sure it's kinda important symbolically, but the dude's been on the run for 10 years. The terrorists won't just give up arms and walk off now that the idiot is dead, if anything their resolve with strengthen - especially given it's been heralded so high in American propaganda.

    There's some mystery around it, but I'm glad he's dead (as assumed in the article) - I don't think it'll make much of a difference, and I certainly don't think any change would be to lessen the terrorists drive - it would only give cause to a stronger will, specifically against the USA anyway.

    Nice job, USA - but it's far from over yet!

  7. "However what I did not see was any proof. Not that I necessarily want to see pictures of a dead Osama but it would be nice to have actual tangible proof, other than just the President telling me so."

    To what part of the above is my post non-responsive?

  8. You stated something about a birth certificate.

    So you either made a typo and meant OSAMA'S DEATH certificate


    You mean Obama's birth certificate and quite frankly I don't have a clue what that has to do with anything.

    Please feel free to explain your position again, perhaps using visual aids or a flow chart.


  9. Do you seriously need me to connect the dots for you? It's not that hard.

  10. Oh god yes, please do.

    Listen if you have an opportunity to make me look like a giant stumbling idiot, please go for it.

    So go ahead and connect the dots so I can see what I'm not getting.

    Yours Truly,


  11. THANK YOU. im not so good at pulling my thoughts together and coalescing them into a grammatically correct and eloquent response, but you sir, have summed up all of my beliefs on the topic. thank you.

  12. Step 1: You make comments regarding "proof" that sound eerily similar to birthers comments about Obama's citizenship "proof".

    Step 2: I make poorly executed and unintelligible sarcastic remark based on such similiarity.

    Step 3: You use precision verbal strike, skewering me with your rapier-like wit.

    Step 4: I attempt extremely poor rebuttle by using direct quote from your original post to make my point.

    Step 5: You feign confusion and abject stupidity (clearly a ploy on your part). You lay a trap for me by pretending not to understand what I'm saying. I respond with this post.

    Step 6: ???

    Step 7: I am destroyed, a shaking and weepy hulk utterly decimated by your monstrously effective final verbal retort. I sign off, never to return to the Internet again. Your 5 (soon to be 4) readers shower you with love and high-fives. The end.

  13. You get an A for effort Doktor. Now allow me to go over your post.

    Step 1- I disagree completely. My comments sounded nothing like the nutjobs who think Obama is a Muslim. All I said was it would be nice to have visual proof of the death of someone the USA was chasing for almost 10 years, I wasn't inferring Bin Laden was alive and walking the beaches of Miami- I just prefer concrete proof, I'm funny like that.

    Step 2- Your sarcastic remark was poorly written and as I've addressed in step 1 fundamentally wrong

    Step 3- It was quite the verbal strike and one I had been saving for a while, it worked out well for me that I was able to use it in this instance.

    Step 4- You kind of gave up by just quoting me, again feel free to let the emotion fly and insult me, I'm a big boy I can take it. Here is where you should have come out and said "YOU SOUND LIKE A TEABAGGER, ARE YOU A WHACKO?" instead you tried to go about it the cooler and edgy way and well it was a failure

    Step 5- Yes, you're correct here, I knew what you were saying but at this stage of the game we were both way too invested for me not to take this route.

    Step 6- I believe Step 6 is me taking a break to have an iced tea.

    Step 7- I would argue your statistics, I would say I have 3 viewers which is now down to 2, but I do thank you for the compliment. You don't need to sign off the internet nor feel destroyed, it happens to all of us from time to time.

    The bottom line here is, any conversation that provokes thinking or good comments is good conversation.

    And I appreciate you playing along.

    tl/dr; Point taken but I'm really not a fucking nutjob teabagger.

  14. You thinking that birthers are the people concerned with Obama's religious affiliation explains why you're so confused about my original comment. I don't think you're a whacko, I think you're not very bright.

  15. God you sound like every teacher I had in college... and every female I asked out to be honest.

    Anyways as far as I know the birthers believe he wasn't born in the USA, and I was under the impression the majority believed he was a Muslim or something equally as idiotic.

    Please remember I am Canadian and contrary to what some Americans believe, the USA isn't the most important thing in everyone's life so please forgive me if I have some of the finer details of the situation wrong, but I believe I got the gist of it.

    But once again A for effort, I appreciated the insult, it gives this blog a real raw and true feeling.


  16. I loved this post sooooo much...
    I dislike society and how we deal with things...

  17. One of the main reasons why Osama wasn't captured alive and paraded is perhaps that he stood for a different cause. Osama reiled on the support of thousands of others and Saddam was a tyrant to his people. Therefore a great PR exercise in Saddams case was trying him by his own people, and the subsequent execution performed by his own people.
    Capturing Osama alive would prolong everything - the main crimes he has committed were against American interests, and having him paraded around on TV would stoke tensions with people around the world who had an affinity to him.

    He certainly got what he deserved (not the same as justice), and him being killed was the lesser of two evils, as a trial would just be an extended recruitment excersise/PR opportunity for al qaeda, and there would have been loads of kidnapping of hostages/bombings/killings to try to force his release.

  18. Yes, you got some of the finer details wrong and they're the ones that made my initial comment cogent and your response nonsensical. I do like the irony, though, of a guy who just finished ranting about an event in America implying he shouldn't be held accountable if he gets the finer details wrong about an event in America because he's not a nationalistic American douchebag. Imagine my shock and awe at your insertion of this Chewbacca-defense-esque caveat to retroactively make you not responsible for any unwarranted attacks or inaccuracies. I don't have a reading comprehension problem but I'm pretty sure you've got a logic comprehension problem. Like I said, you're not very bright.

  19. Doktor, I like you. You got spunk. Besides anyone who works Chewbacca into a comment is automatically a winner in my books.

    You also have to remember the title of this blog is people are idiots. At times, I fall into that category myself.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, even if you did rip me a new one, any and all feedback is truly appreciated.

    I hope you'll stick around.

  20. The title kinda says it all... couldn't agree more..


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