Friday, April 1, 2011

Cry Babies On And Off The Court - The Sad State Of Today's Parenting

Earlier this week David Ferrer made headlines in a match he was getting crushed in, and eventually lost, after lobbing a tennis ball into the stands "in the direction" of a crying baby. I have included the video at the end of this blog so you can scroll down or if you're lazy click HERE.

Ferrer, who happened to be the #6 ranked player in the world, took a bashing in all the media outlets taking about how a professional athlete should have more control and just because there was crying baby in the stands doesn't mean there should be one on the court.

The question no one seems to be asking is what the fuck is a baby doing at a tennis match? How stupid/ignorant/selfish do the parents have to be to bring a young baby to a tennis match?

It doesn't take a genius to know that during the point the audience is supposed to be as quiet as possible so the players can concentrate, it's been that way since before the beginning of time, hell when the dinosaurs were on the earth they knew to keep quiet during a fucking tennis match, but not these selfish pricks.

It's bad enough that these knuckleheads bring a baby to a tennis match but why on earth when the little brat started crying do you just sit there and let the little bugger annoy not only the players but everybody sitting within earshot? I can't imagine how annoying it would be to have paid for tickets and hear nothing but a snot nosed baby crying a fucking river while the parents tap it on the head and go "sssssh!"

Here's an idea, get up off your fat lazy stupid asses and remove the baby from the situation, newsflash you assholes just because you have a child doesn't GIVE YOU ANY RIGHT to inconvenience other people AT ANY TIME. Just a little respect for others people is all that was needed here.

As for Ferrer, I certainly don't condone launching tennis balls into the stands but in this case, I see nothing wrong with what he did, he didn't cause injury to anyone and the ball wasn't even close to the baby- which may speak more for his aim and why he lost in straight sets, 7-5 6-2.

Video below........


  1. Yeah I have to agree here, it's one thing to want to involve your child in things, but bringing an infant to something that's supposed to be a quiet / concentrated environment, not to mention a PROFESSIONAL sports event of which people have purchased tickets for, and been in anticipation of...

    I doubt these idiots would think to take their child to a movie theatre, which is a similar environment, so why would they go and do this with a much higher-brow and likely much more expensive and unique event such as a pro tennis match.

    Fuckwits. They deserve to be fined, IMO. They should've had the sense to remove the baby from the stands and throw it down some stairs or whatever it is these idiot asshole parents do to quell the poor thing. If not, IMO the umpire should've had the distraction ejected from the game, because it's simply unacceptable to have the pro level players having their game affected by something so freaking easy to avoid.

    Selfish pricks, indeed.

  2. I don't see an issue with his actions. But yes what Phil said, except, they probably WOULD take the baby to a movie theater.

  3. I can't stand crying babies. And bad parents annoy me just as much.

  4. why the hell do people bring babies to places where silence is a requirement?

  5. That is indeed very selfish, they should set an age limit or something, age of 4+. I also hate crying babies on an airplane. Especially when you have a 10 hour long flight!

  6. i can understand why he did this.. i remember a tennis match were there was also a crying baby who his parent removed from the audience right away. guess this parent was just too much of a no brain to take responsibility.

    in NBA games when a player is at the foul line the audience tries to make as much noise and strange movements in order to distract the player. different sport cultures i guess.

  7. Bringing a baby to such an event is a serious parenting fail. people are indeed idiots.

  8. I am not in favor of babies crying but I am moreso not in favor of the mother not handling this child properly.

  9. Hey, I have two young little monkeys of my own and get peeved when I go to an adult event and see kids there. In continuing with the theme of your blog I have say that parents can definitely be idiots. Don't forget that people that are dumb as a post could still have children! Btw, I do enjoy your comments on my blog- you make laugh and it's always nice to have a male's perspective on $750 shoes. Thanks:)


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